Contacts Relations Manager

Take control over your communications with your clients, vendors and others by organizing it into easy to maintain records with ease of update, search and marking for follow-ups.

Never forget a single promise to your client – know what you need to do.

Client Details Thumb CRM - Customer relations manager


Sales Lead Management

Take control of your marketing effort, concentrate your leads. Spot the right moment to peach your sale. Divide your clients to selling stages and treat them accordingly.

Define your promotional material (e.g. presentation, documents and others) and send it to your clients with a single click.

Leads manager thumb

Orders and Invoices

Quickly create orders provide professional invoices and send them via email. Keep track of client payments and be informed when they delay. Provide your client with secured online invoices.

Order Managment

Unified Contacts

Manage all of your contacts, clients, vendors and leads from one central location with easy to use interface. Define the details that matters the most into custom client specific forms.


Schedule appointments and keep effective time table to manage time and orders. Sync your calendar with Outlook and google calendar.

Never forget to add tasks to your calendar – use our semi automatic system for calendar syncing to keep it aligned to your orders, CRM and other aspects of your business. 

Scheduler - Calendar - Thumb

Files Manager

Manage your office critical documents from one concise, cloud based filling system - your own digital office

Attach your files to Projects, Tasks, Invoices, Expenses and others. For fast access when you will need them the most.

 Use high end files organization possibilities to attach your documents to the relevant point of interest.

Files Manager


See what's happening over time with Finance, Clients, Orders and Productivity reports for efficient tuning of promotional and marketing efforts. Provide vast selection of feature specific reports.

Use specific contact reports to extract leads potential and increase sales.

Use specific Orders and Invoices reports to mark your VIP customers along bad apples. Use our visual aid charts to get the complete picture of your sales and expected income.