Competition Neither Evil Nor Bliss


Many organizations around the world fear competition. They are scared that another bigger badder organization is going to come along that can offer the same features and benefits but will offer them: quicker, cheaper, with more customization, with better customer service, etc.
Competition is actually a good thing; in fact it’s a great thing.

Without competition Apple would have never created their Ipod, Microsoft would have never created Windows, and Google would probably be non-existent. Competition is essential because it leads to one very important thing, innovation.
Competition exists where there is a profitable market, where there are interested customers. If we will look at them we shouldn’t see enemies that will cut our revenue and steal our potential customers.

They are pioneers in the market. They have already done the hard lifting of introducing the concept, opening peoples mind to the endless world of business management.
They are our allies in conquering the market. They invest funds in promoting the same concepts that we want to push and promote.

The fact that there is a competition raises many positive signals :

1. If there is competition in the market then there is an interest towards the product and a real need.

2. The market is profitable enough to contain the competitors.

3. The competitors will invest funds in introducing the market, why it needs business management solutions and what it can gain from using it.

From what I can see the competitors are the ones that do the heavy lifting. So what about us? Where do we stand in all of it? Will we gain from this and how?

The task in hand is neither hard nor simple. With a superior product which introduces feature set that has no rivals in the market and has a high end spec 360 solution, it will provide an adequate response in every aspect of the business activities.

So what do we need to do? All we need to do is simply show our potential customers what they can gain from working with us.

1.    Show our customers how we bring them revenue

2.    Show our customers how we are better alternative than our competitors are - WE ARE BETTER

Let’s enjoy our competitors and use them in our favor